A /   One Week FREE Rent  If you book your accommodation and pay the Bond and one month's rent at the listed price more than 4 weeks in advance on a 12 months Lease you will have one weeks rent FREE.


B /  Receive  $100 credit  If a friend of current tenant takes up accommodation / Leases a room in the same house for 12 months or longer you will receive  $100 credit towards your rent. This offer will also be considered if your friends take up a lease in another of our properties.


C /   One Week FREE Rent  Current Tenants If you extend your lease by another 12 months  you will receive one week free rent if you extend it by 6 months you will receive  half a week’s free rent.

If you are moving out and you find someone that I accept as a tenant and he or she takes over from you on the day you vacate a lease for 12 month you will receive a refund of one weeks rent, if they take over a lease for 6 months you will receive a refund of half a weeks rent.

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